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To build a community around local, healthy, nutritious, and real food in celebration of love, life, and happiness.


A family farm engaged in producing living-soil grown, high-quality, nutrient-dense crops while nurturing the soil, community, and environment.


• Cultivating healthy food at a human scale

• Farming to regenerate and improve the soil and ecology

• Eliminating food production waste and hunger hand-in-hand

• Supporting a healthier community through involvement and education

• Partnering with local producers to form an alternative food hub

• Supporting local restaurants and non-profits

• Illustrating the benefits of small-scale farming to family, friends, and future farmers


We love this community!  We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful place!  We are devoted to becoming practitioners of sustainable stewardship of the land and environment. We have each taken part in the Sustainable Agriculture program at Colorado Mesa University. As we continue to gain more education in regenerative growing, we engage in the learning process with the University with farm tours and an internship program designed to teach small scale regenerative vegetable production for market. We encourage celebrating the sometimes overlooked simple things in life like fresh, clean, nutritious, real food.  We are working to bring an alternate, healthier option to our food system from an ever-growing local food movement through cooperation with fellow growers and producers in the Grand Valley. Join the movement, join our farm, join a local CSA.          

    -Dawn and Brian

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